When Advisors Should Do More Than Manage Portfolios

Dr. Michael Finke, Dean and Chief Academic Officer of the American College of Financial Services, explains how advisors can better serve aging clients.

The Con of Passive Management

The passive management industry has done an incredible job of projecting their mantra into the investing zeitgeist, and each year we are subjected to claims like “74% of active managers underperformed their index.” Like all good cons, this is not an untrue statement. It is however, an excellent use of misdirection – making implications about passive strategies that are untrue.

Investing Portfolio Types and Portfolio Diversification

Based on the diversification and investment instruments, a portfolio can be grouped in to one of the five major portfolio types. Know about them in detail.

The Solar Share Price Eclipse

A new energy paradigm appears to be emerging. Solar stocks have significantly outperformed their oil and gas counterparts in share performance over the past two years. Perhaps this isn’t turning out to be a shale revolution so much as a solar eclipse.

How Dollar Currency Rates Affect The Prices Of Agricultural Machinery

It’s a staggering and perhaps even slightly concerning fact that over 90% of the agricultural equipment used ‘down under’ is manufactured overseas. However, the purpose of this brief article is not to talk about the status of our manufacturing industries but rather more to deal with the occasional misconceptions about how Dollar exchange rates affect the cost of new agricultural machinery.

A Tale of Two Alphas: Investment Selection Vs Opportunistic

Alpha benefits all investors. Reallocating some of the focus from investment selection alpha to opportunistic alpha could have significant, positive impacts on portfolios.

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