What does a Quantitative Analyst Do?

What does a quantitative analyst actually do? We asked them.

Ways to Find a Conservative Investment Strategy

Corporate Finance activity has developed exponentially in the whole world. This has created a secure investing climate for overall investors due to increased revolution. On account of this, many businesses across industries are approaching global banks with the intention of raising capital.

How to Invest Safely and Generate Income for Life

Get introduced to an investment strategy that has earned over 8% per year compounded over the last 40 years. Simple, safe, less volatile and low cost to implement.

Why Women Should Invest

When you hear the term “investors”, the picture that probably appears in your mind is some well-suited up men (corporate style), or perhaps stocks and shares of a company, am I right? Well, today, “investor” is a concept that applies and is linked to women as well, and women are better at it, if you asked me (not just because I am one!)

Living and Dying on Averages

The use of averages is essential in financial planning. However, when we rely too heavily on averages, our planning can go awry. So how do we prevent the use of averages from destroying us? By allowing enough time and repetitions for the law of averages to come into effect.

What “Good Growth” Factors Make UK Cities Attractive to Development?

Jobs, income, health and housing are among the top priorities to UK residents. This is why businesses and workers are relocating to places other than London.

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