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Read This Before Investing in GDA Housing Schemes

If you are not one of the 25,000 lucky winners of DDA housing scheme 2014, here is one more opportunity to own a home in NCR. Ghaziabad Development Authority has come up with 2 latest housing schemes, one in Indirapuram and other in different parts of the city for EWS and LIG categories. The authority is offering a total of 370 multi-storey flats in the Indirapuram scheme and 1979 flats in the EWS/LIG scheme.

Do EcoVillages and Other Sustainable Developments Inform UK Housing Concepts?

Green developments are perceived as a means to circumvent local planning processes. Private investments in earth-friendly, resilient development can still work.

Beyond Just Housing, the UK Needs to Develop Holistic and Sustainable Communities

Fast building, as is needed in England, can often lead to poor quality structures. But with new and better, sustainable homes, smart houses are possible and affordable.

What Are The Short And Long Term Risks Of Investing In Land As A Real Asset Investment?

Land assets are quite capable of yielding strong investment returns. But risks are everywhere – know what they are, and work with professionals if you can.

The Best Investment for 2015

Sometimes the best investment is safe investments and 2015 might be one of those times. First, let’s look at your investment options. Then, we’ll focus on finding the best safe investments for 2015 and beyond.

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