Rent vs. own – Landlords are ripping you off! Rent is too high? You can buy!

Think you can’t buy? You may be surprised. David Sidoni, the How to Buy a Home Guy, breaks down the age old issue – rent vs. buy? Landlord or be a landowner. The numbers are in your favor. Time to get a simple breakdown on what for most is the biggest financial decision of their lives. You got 4 minutes for that???

All About Inheritance Tax Relief

Inheritance Tax (IHT) in the UK can often be onerous for spouses, individual recipients of the estate and families that are left with a large tax exposure after the death of the estate holder. To minimize the tax, currently standing at a 40% marginal tax rate, you will need to plan for your estate transfer by actively engaging in certain tax relief schemes to help you minimize the impact on your estate and your family. The following will assist to better understand your tax risks and explains a number of tax relief measures that help to mitigate exposure to IHT.

What Are the Different Money Market Instruments?

These are financial instruments that are traded that are high liquidity and are very short term maturities. Yes, it is a completely safe investment and these do meet the short term requirement goals of the investment. So, what are these money market instruments?

Corporate Governance In India

What is corporate governance? It is a process set up for the firms based on certain systems and principles by which a company is governed. The guidelines provided ensure that the company is directed and controlled in a way so as to achieve the goals and objectives to add value to the company and also benefit the stakeholders in the long term.

UK EIS Investments

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) has been designed by the UK Government to encourage private investment into small, high risk trading companies by offering a range of tax incentives. Providing the underlying investments made by the EIS are held for at least three years (for Income Tax relief and tax free growth), the current tax reliefs available for UK investors are: 30% upfront Income Tax relief up to maximum investment of 1 million pounds, which can be carried back to the previous tax year 100% Inheritance Tax relief (provided the investments have been held for…

SEIS the Tax-Free Investment Opportunity for UK Investors

If you are unaware of the recent changes in the United Kingdom regarding Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS), now is the time to get up to speed. These investment vehicles are not new, however new legislation has been introduced to assist businesses struggling to acquire traditional financing from banks. This new legislation has, in turn, increased the attractiveness of EIS and SEIS investments and they are now especially useful to mitigate tax liabilities, such as capital gains tax and inheritance tax, in your investment portfolio.

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