Navient is being forced to cancel $1.7 billion in student loans #shorts


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Rooting Out Fraud From UK Land Investment Schemes

How Can an Investor Distinguish Between Legitimate and Fraudulent Land Schemes? The growth of the population in the UK naturally creates a need for new housing and commercial structures. But investors need to distinguish fraud from opportunity.

Local Planning Authorities Follow Dictates – But Try to Help, Too

The role of the LPAs has increased with the Localism Act. But it’s not all about throwing up barriers. These authorities serve as a valuable resource to investors.

Investment Planning – How to Create a Sound Investment Plan?

How to create a sound investment plan? The ideal investment planning process. (in Indian context..)

Top Five Myths About Business in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets simply refers to the BRICS countries. The term covers so many more markets that just Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Further countries are seeing an economic transformation, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria and Ethiopia (or ‘the PINEs’). Fueled by a growing middle class and strong economic performance, as well as advances in technology, improved healthcare and education, these countries are experiencing their own business boom.

Staying In Control Of Your Stock Investment

The stock market without a doubt appears unstable and volatile. However, it is possible to maintain a firm grip on and make good money in the process. This translates into following the golden rules of trading which will keep you in charge and in control of everything that your investment goes through. The rules are the difference between investors who have positive stock trading tales to tell and those who have negative stories of their trading efforts. It is always helpful to work with a strategy to make stock investment and trading work for you.

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