Location Matters: Where Smart Entrepreneurs Locate their Businesses for Strategic Growth

In this event hosted by JobsOhio, a private, nonprofit economic development corporation, you’ll hear from leading executives about how they choose to locate their companies. You’ll learn what it takes to build and expand a successful company, the role of infrastructure, institutional support, and a strong local economy in attracting investment and why the ideal location is crucial for providing stability and creating the basis for innovation and talent development.

This event is designed for entrepreneurs and business development executives that want to expand their businesses.

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Location Matters: Where Smart Entrepreneurs Locate their Businesses for Strategic Growth

How Can You Make Money Investing in 2014 and 2015?

The puzzle in 2014 and 2015: where to invest to make money investing if you can’t make money in stocks or bonds without taking undue risk? I’m not playing the role of cheerleader here; because finding where to invest money if stocks and bonds both get hit will be a challenge. This could happen, so let’s look at our options.

Finding the Best Investment For 2014 and Beyond

It’s only natural to want to have the best investment in your pocket so you can make money investing, and lot’s of it. So, how might you go about finding the best investment for 2014 and beyond?

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Stockholder

Choosing a stockbroker is not different from choosing a stock. To get the best out of trading in the stock market, it is important to consider using the services of a professional stockbroker. Many of the stockbrokers have been in business for many years and have all the relevant information that is required for making intelligent investment decisions.

Tips for Trading In the Stock Market

The stock market is an important aspect of the global economy. Without an efficient stock exchange that can help people easily and quickly trade in assets, the economy would gradually grind to a halt. If there was no market place where companies could trade their securities in exchange for cash, capital would become sluggish.

4 Critical Steps to Safe Investing

Investing scares most people, even professional advisors frequently worry about the buy-sell decisions they make. But you can simply your process with an investment tool so you can simply look at the analysis, a few charts, perhaps a list of recommendations and know both where you stand and what you need to do.

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