Is location everything in real estate? What about timing?

Quick tip for first time home buyers on the importance of being prepared for purchasing when the time is right.

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Control the Investment Market

Do we have the ability to control the outcome of our investments? Or do we guess based on incomplete analysis? Can we stack the deck in our favor?

How to Invest in Bonds for Deflation Protection

Long term treasury bonds are the best asset class to hedge against deflation. Learn how to include them as part of a properly diversified portfolio.

A Quick Primer On Investment Banking

Investment banking is often mentioned in financial articles and on the news, but many people do not understand this industry. If you are confused by the concept, and would like a basic understanding of what investment banks are about, this article will clarify things for you.

Better Paying Jobs, Lower Cost Housing Mean Growth in the UK

The unaffordability of home ownership is tough on families. But if a major city lacks for affordable housing, it can also negatively impact overall development.

Family Loans for First-Time Homebuyers: What Are the UK Housing Implications?

To get on the property ladder, young Britons are going to “the bank of mum and dad.” What does this adaptive financial strategy mean for housing development?

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