How to Save on Weddings with Credit Cards


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Using the right credit card can save you a ton of money on wedding costs. First of all, if you need some more time to pay off all those expenses, get a credit card with a 0 percent introductory APR. We’re seeing these offers for a year, year and a half, sometimes even longer. And that could save you a tremendous amount on interest – hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

Think about rewards, too. Especially if you’re able to pay your bills in full and avoid interest, this can really work for you. Sign-up bonuses are at record highs on some cards as issuers compete really aggressively for consumers’ business. It seems that worries about risk and COVID are fading. Issuers all of a sudden have an appetite for new customers again, so you could parlay spending that you’re doing anyway into a really fantastic sign-up bonus. That might be enough for a free honeymoon right there.

So whether it’s travel or cash back, pick the right cards that will reward you for money you would have spent anyway. That could be the introductory bonus, that could be all of the wedding costs themselves – a 2 percent cash back card can be a really good option as well, because that’s a solid rate on all of your purchases. And a lot of typical wedding categories are not really your typical credit card rewards categories. So getting 2 percent across the board can really add up.

Whichever one of these strategies you choose, I think it’s really important to go into wedding planning with a credit card plan because this is a lot of spending that you can turn into something really good if you play your cards right.

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