First time home buyers – Realtors think you suck

Find out why you are getting lousy service when you try and figure out how to buy your first home. #howtobuyahomeguy #firsttimehomebuyer #howtobuyahouse #howtobuyahome #howtobuyyourfirsthouse #howtobuyyourfirsthome

Unicorns Lose A Little Magic

Startup ‘unicorns’ can be temperamental beasts. Investors should approach with caution.

An Automated Investment Advisor Helps Maintain Investment Goals

Trying to establish a long-term strategy for financial security can be both time consuming and complex. The introduction of the automated investment advisor reduces costs and, importantly, makes planning for tomorrow easier and more accessible.

Discussing the Options Markets – Part 1

Options are a poorly understood and complex investment tool. There are two types of options – a put and a call. A call option is an option to buy something at a specified price. The price is called the exercise or strike price. A put option is the right to sell something at the specified exercise price. They go back in history thousands of years. They have been used to buy land, for example, at a future date. Someone would pay for the option to buy at a future date.

How Justices Could Avoid Conflicts Of Interest

Supreme Court justices would usually be better off owning mutual funds, rather than stocks that create potential conflicts. Holding individual stocks is a lot of potential trouble for a relatively small potential reward.

The Best Investments in a High Interest Rate Environment

Waters on the Bay is one of the leaders in the surging increase in terms of expansion in the City of Panama. This building has a story of modern architecture with the feature of ocean views in each apartment residence. Waters on the Bay is the best investment in the City of Panama and people who are business minded, or retired persons can have the decision of investing here.

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