Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Live! – 7 Baby Steps

Biblical financial wisdom explained!

Timberland: The One Asset Crushing Stocks

Now, the thing is, you really don’t have to have big money or pay these outrageous fees to get high-level, consistent performance. There is one investment in particular that generates high-level, consistent performance that big-money investors love. And it’s available to everyone.

Importance Of Investment Diversification

“It is best not to put all of one’s eggs into one basket!” This is most likely a statement that you may have heard many times throughout your life and when it comes to investing, this statement is a reality. Diversifying one’s investments is the main factor in making a success when it comes to investing. All of the people who have made great returns from their monies have been seen to develop investment portfolios that operate in different market sectors and we advise that you should do the same too!

What an Investment Advisor Will Do for You

There are many benefits an investment advisor can provide. Advisors can also help establish realistic expectations that their services can accomplish.

ISA’s and Investment Bonds

ISA’s (Individual Savings Account) – With an ISA you can invest your full ISA allowance of 15,240 pounds tax free into a stocks and shares ISA. You can invest either a lump sum or regular contribution from as little as 500 pounds or 50 pounds per month respectively.

Thinking Like a Millionaire: Corporate Offerings

Of the many offerings of the investment world from banks to governments, the sexiest and most publicized are corporate ones. Specifically Stocks, Mutual Funds, and ETFs. Each has their own flavors of the month, but they are all simply “equity in a company”. Most are publicly traded and on the largest stock exchanges. There are also private stocks from privately owned companies you can buy, but they have the issue of not having as liquid of a market as publicly traded stocks because the trading of the stock is private as well. Now you have to understand stocks (equity in the company) are the base for everything else in corporate offerings as stocks make up Mutual Funds and ETFs. Understanding this will allow you to understand our list today.

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