Use Your Tax Refund To Boost Your Retirement Savings | Retirement Tips | Forbes

Here’s why you might consider depositing your tax refund into an IRA.

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Would Loan-Curbing Proposals From Chancellor Osborne Affect New Home Buyers?

The Help to Buy scheme has proven effective for home buyers and builders. But the Chancellor’s concerns about a house price bubble may, errantly, cause a cut back. Chancellor George Osborne has publicly articulated a fear that many in the financial and policy sectors of the UK have been feeling in the past two years. It is that a new housing bubble might be underway.

What Are the Worst Consequences That Population Growth in the UK Could Bring?

For those interested in land investment, it is a matter of simple mathematics to understand that a key driver of the United Kingdom housing shortage is population growth. Census 2011 measured a robust 7 per cent growth in the total number of people living largely in England.

The UK’s Options in Population Growth and Housing Shortages

The implications of too many people and too few homes gives England much to worry about. In terms of solutions, there are several possible paths to follow. A pressing dilemma in England is endlessly discussed and crystal clear: there are too many people and too few houses. And while it seems as if basic laws of economics – those of supply and demand, and the incentives that high prices create to increase supply.

Best Forex Brokers – Why You Need Them

There are few fields in the economic sector that are shrouded in as much mysticism as that of trading in stocks and shares. However even more mysterious and yet the largest and most lucrative segments of the same seems to be currency trading.

Becoming A Sports Investor

If you’re looking into Sports Investing as a way to make a constant month to month profit without suffering any lost of cash than this article is obviously for you. Learn the pros and cons of sport investing, also known as sports betting but as risk-free as can be.

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