Consider A Charitable IRA Rollover | Retirement Tips | Forbes

If you’re retired and give to charity, this IRA rollover may be for you.

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Portfolio Diversity for Family Offices

The trend amongst many family office managers is to participate in direct investments rather than managed third party investments. This global trend implies an increased workload for the family office and an opportunity for an highly skilled consultant to fill a void.

LPAs Running Behind in Plans, But Approvals Are Up

Two years into the streamlined NPPF, more development proposals are winning planning appeals. It means more homes for Britain, but not everyone is happy.

LPAs in Slow at Writing Development Plans in the UK

Two very important changes in how residential properties are developed in the UK have been implemented in the past few years. First, the Localism Act of 2011 enabled local communities to have a greater say in what is and is not built in their neighbourhoods.

Black Box Trading – Good Value For Money Or A Rip Off?

Every investor is always on the lookout for the best stock trading strategy, one that will provide maximum gains in the shortest period of time while also guaranteeing the least amount of risk. If you are one of them, you must have come across the black box trading strategy. The name does not sound very promising on the surface. To add, a few reports you might have come across sound too good to be true.

Why Land Banking Is a “Myth,” According to the Home Builders Federation

A popular idea in the United Kingdom holds that the housing shortage is due at least in part to developer and homebuilder “land banking.” In the strictest sense, this is when people or a company hold un-built land like a financial security, anticipating the price will go up.

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