How To Choose Stocks For Long Term Investing | Investing Tips For Beginners

Hello everyone and welcome to Life Must Knows! My name is Jacob Kipi and in today’s video, I am going to tell you my investment strategy for picking individual stocks and how to purchase these stocks with TD Ameritrade,, let’s make your money work for you!

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*This video does not contain investment advice and is for entertainment purposes only. The information provided in this video is only accurate as of the time and date of the posting date and may not be accurate or useful in the future.

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Best Investment Strategy 2014

Having anything less than the best investment strategy in 2014 could be hazardous to your financial health. Change is in the wind. How should you deal with it?

What Is a Replacement Fund and Why You Need One

Instead of taking out a loan to pay for a new roof or car why not make the payments in advance? You can do this by paying yourself into an investment account that will grow instead of costing you money… in other words you get the interest instead of the bank or your credit card company. Simply ask yourself this question: would you rather pay yourself interest on your money or pay the bank? If you answer “yourself” it is time to start your Replacement Fund.

Here Are 3 Top Tips On How To Trade Forex

Trading on Forex (The Foreign Exchange Market) is one of the most lucrative ways to invest your time and money. While the margins are not as big as other avenues of investment, the beauty of Forex is its nearly limitless capacity and continuous operation.

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