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When it comes to auto insurance, you certainly have a plethora of options at your disposal. Learn about auto insurance options with help from a specialist in property and casualty insurance in this free video clip.

Expert: Marty Goldstein
Bio: Marty Goldstein specializes in property and casualty insurance. He sells personal insurance products, such as home, auto, motorcycle and boat insurance.
Filmmaker: Daniel Brea

Series Description: The importance of a good auto insurance policy, especially if you’re the owner of a car, cannot be stressed highly enough. Get tips on what to look for (and watch out for) when shopping for auto insurance policies with help from a specialist in property and casualty insurance in this free video series.

Might the Answer to the UK Housing Shortage Be Found on Disused Farms?

Relaxed rules on the conversion of farm buildings and other structures to alternative uses illustrate a trend: the UK is open to adaptation and change. The increased productivity of farms in the United Kingdom has worked its way into national planning policies in a surprising way. Beginning in May 2013, existing agricultural buildings that measure less than 500 square metres can now be utilised for other purposes with a “light touch” neighbour consultation.

Historical Examples of Wealth Accumulation Through Investment in Land

Historical Examples of Wealth Accumulation through Investment in Land History holds many examples of significant wealth accumulation through land. Most of the largest landowners today are royalty, and yet some of history’s wealthiest commoners came to their money through real property. Throughout history, ownership of land has been the single most prominent indication and source of wealth.

How Do Private Investors Work With the Homes and Communities Agency?

Government involvement in housing is typically centred on social housing. But private funders also work with the HCA on investment properties.

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