Auto/Car Insurance Coverage Laws Explained – New York State

*New York State Auto/Car Insurance Coverage Laws Explained

We have two types of insurance in New York State required of every motor vehicle. One deals with no fault insurance, which pays for medical benefits, lost wages, and some out of pocket expenses, regardless of fault. The other is liability insurance and they are not the same.

What I want to urge each of you, is that you cover yourself as well as someone who is involved in a car accident with you. And by that I mean, if you carry $100,000 worth of liability insurance, your protecting me, if you hit me with your car.

If you get into a collision with another car, and you only have $25,0000 worth of underinsurance coverage, then you’re protecting yourself only to the extent of $25,000. It pays for you to make certain that your underinsurance rates are as high as your regular insurance coverage. The cost is minimal and the protection is priceless.

Now with no-fault insurance your medical expenses are paid. Within 30 days of the auto accident, you are required to notify your insurance company that you have been involved in a automobile accident. They will assign a claim number to your case. You will give that claim number to any treating doctor/physician or any other medical provider and they will bill your insurance company directly regardless who is at fault in this car accident. Your insurance company will submit you to a physical examination by a doctor of their own choosing in about 30 days after you start receiving benefits.

That doctor is not there to help you, that doctor is not there to cure your illness, that doctor is there to report to your insurance company on the progress of your healing. He works for the insurance company, not you.

*What To Do After a Car Accident
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