9 Tips to Save Money on Home Insurance | Square One

Learn how changing deductibles, updating your home and other tips can lower your home insurance premiums with these 9 tips from Square One.

00:00 Intro
00:28 Tip 1: Increase your deductible
01:07 Tip 2: Eliminate unnecessary coverages
01:34 Tip 3: Don’t over-insure your belongings
02:15 Tip 4: Don’t over-insure your home
02:46 Tip 5: Consider potential premium increases
03:29 Tip 6: Keep your home in good shape
03:49 Tip 7: Replace plastic hosing with braided steel hosing
04:46 Tip 8: Update your home
05:13 Tip 9: Find a provider that offers free monthly billing

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Square One Insurance Services is an insurance agency that serves British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. By specializing in home insurance, eliminating all unnecessary complexities built into traditional policies, and offering customers a way to get a quote and buy online, Square One makes it easy and convenient for people to personalize their insurance to meet their exact needs.

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