Top 3 myths about buying your first home

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Rising Tensions, What Does It Mean for Investors?

Unfortunately, our forecast over the past couple of years for increased geopolitical tensions is coming true. We have stated a number of times that when ruling governments are in dire financial shape, the politicians realize that they have no solution to solve the financial problems, so they often look for diversions to take the focus away from them.

Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus

Foreign investors may obtain the Cyprus citizenship under some terms and conditions. The Council of Ministers updated the conditions for naturalisation of investors in Cyprus by exception, based on subsection (2) of section 111A of the Civil Registry Laws of 2002-2013.

The Problem With Offshore Banks

Offshore banks are a great way to put some distance between your wealth and Uncle Sam, but be careful: Not all offshore banks are created equal… “What’s the best way to rob a bank? Start one.”

The Next Shoe to Drop

In 2014, when we forecast that the US dollar would appreciate to levels that the masses could not fathom, many thought we were nuts. How could we make such a prediction when at the same time, we were highlighting the massive, unsustainable US debt situation?

Selecting an Asset Management and Fund Management Training Program

Asset management courses are offered throughout the world by top training institutions. Dynamically changing financial landscape and the plethora of new regulations in the sector requires staying constantly up-to-date with the changes. Whether you are new to asset or fund management or are an experienced wealth or fund manager, you can always bring your skills up to speed with a relevant training course.

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