The NYT’s blatant bias, Biden’s debt-ceiling switcheroo

This correction:

We are saying: The Times blames Republicans for utilizing “debt” as a “political device,” presumably as a result of they object to Democrats’ countless spending — which, uh …  drives up debt (and inflation). The Grey Woman might have simply as simply blamed Dems for utilizing “spending” as a political device, since they refuse to sluggish the expansion of outlays. However the paper takes its orders from left-wingers, who demanded the “correction.” And confirmed its blatant bias within the course of.


“That is Jim Crow within the twenty first Century.” 

— President Biden, March 2021

We are saying: When Georgia handed its Election Integrity Act in 2021, President Biden (and different Dems) blasted it as an “un-American legislation to disclaim [black] folks the correct to vote.” But a brand new College of Georgia survey discovered that 91.6% of black voters say voting in 2022 was simpler, or a minimum of no tougher, than in 2020; 72.6% really mentioned their voting expertise was “glorious” — and never a single one ranked it “poor.”

This declare:

“We’ll proceed to champion the perfect pursuits of these outdoors the political equipment … and at all times legislate on behalf of individuals earlier than energy.”
— State Sen. Mike Gianaris in Metropolis & State, Monday

We are saying: Good attempt, Mike, however who’s going to consider that once you and different hard-left progressives run the Senate? You’re the Senate’s deputy majority chief, in any case; you are the “energy.” And also you legislate not “on behalf of individuals” however at their expense, favoring special-interest teams, like unions — as you probably did just lately when your cabal nixed Gov. Hochul’s decide for chief decide, Hector LaSalle.

Spot the distinction:

“Some [lawmakers] are nonetheless unwilling to budge [on the debt ceiling] by taking an absolute place: my manner or no manner. That’s not governing.”

— Then-Vice President Joe Biden, 2011


“We is not going to be doing any negotiation over the debt ceiling . … This ought to be completed with out circumstances.”

White Home spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre, Jan. 2023

We are saying: Seems to be just like the White Home is saying “my manner or no manner” with regards to debt-ceiling talks — which, in line with Biden in 2011, counts as “not governing.”

This tweet:

MSNBC contributor Ruth Ben-Ghiat referred to as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis an “authoritarian” after he supported lecturers confiscating telephones from college students throughout class.

We are saying: MSNBC columnist and NYU prof Ruth Ben-Ghiat describes herself as an knowledgeable on “authoritarians,” but it surely looks like she doesn’t even know what the phrase means. Nobody is an “authoritarian” for backing lecturers who wish to take away cellphones throughout class. Some guidelines are crucial; children ought to be paying consideration. And, by the best way, DeSantis received November’s democratic election by the biggest margin in years. Even Ben-Ghiat is aware of her tweet was ridiculous: She deleted it.

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