Debt funds of Midland taxing entities high $1.2 billion

The debt from Midland County Water District No. 1 now belongs to the Metropolis of Midland, and due to that, the 5 taxing entities inside the town of Midland confirmed complete debt funds of $1.214 billion on the finish of fiscal yr 2022, in accordance with the Texas Bond Overview Board and Reporter-Telegram studies.

The whole debt funds of these entities – the Metropolis of Midland, Midland ISD, the Midland County Hospital District, Midland School and Midland County – is definitely $815.766 million, in accordance with the bond evaluate board. The TBRB doesn’t present that $398.959 million in Midland County Water District No. 1 debt funds is now within the metropolis’s identify. That was confirmed by the town on Thursday.

In accordance with a metropolis spokesperson, the water district’s debt was “at all times metropolis debt however was managed below Midland County Recent Water Provide District.”

The addition of the water district’s debt funds elevated the entire debt funds of simply the Metropolis of Midland to $749.25 million on the finish of FY 2022, in accordance with the bond evaluate board.

Whole debt funds take note of the principal and curiosity a taxing entity owes.

Taking out the water district debt, the entire funds of the 5 taxing entities nonetheless elevated to $815 million – the second highest complete going again to 2012, in accordance with the Texas Bond Overview Board. The evaluate board confirmed the 5 taxing entities mixed for $575.305 million in complete principal owed, $240.460 million in curiosity.

The rationale for the rise, in accordance with the Texas Bond Overview Board numbers, was a $45 million improve within the principal owed by the Midland County Hospital District. The Texas Bond Overview Board confirmed that the Hospital District’s principal rose to $149.935 million and the entire debt funds elevated from $171.832 million to $230.075 million.

“In September 2021, Midland County Hospital District refinanced $52.3 million in current debt that was privately positioned with an area financial institution and secured $17.3M in funding for the hospital worker pension plan,” the Hospital District reported on Thursday. “This debt difficulty was positioned to reap the benefits of traditionally low rates of interest and lock on this variable charge debt with mounted charges. Within the first 10 years, Midland County Hospital District will save over $30 million in debt service price.  This was all accomplished with out elevating property tax charges and was accredited by the Midland County Hospital District board of administrators.”


2022 by Entity

 Principal         Curiosity                        Whole

Metropolis     $247,000,000  $103,291,233  $350,291,233*

College District            $154,225,982  $54,830,694    $209,056,676

Hospital           $149,935,000  $80,140,807    $230,075,807

School            $16,770,000    $1,558,488      $18,328,488

County $7,375,000     $639,075         $8,014,075

Totals  $575,305,982  $240,460,297  $815,766,279

Water District    $215,731,160           $183,228,398  $398,959,558*

*denotes that the town’s debt funds don’t embrace these from the water district because the Texas Bond Overview Board nonetheless has not up to date its data to point out that.


Most up-to-date years

2021 Totals     $565,280,982  $246,414,918  $811,695,899

2020 Totals     $545,195,982  $255,648,078  $800,844,059

2019 Totals     $534,555,996  $274,755,976  $809,311,972

2018 Totals     $508,415,996  $270,474,475  $778,890,421

2017 Totals     $496,195,000  $251,682,874  $747,877,874


Whole debt funds in Midland

2012: $668 million

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