Debt Management Tips : How to Use a Credit Card to Save Money

Use a credit card to save money by transferring any smaller balances to a higher-limit card with a low interest rate. Avoid struggling with credit card minimum payments by consolidated balances to have one monthly payment with insight from a certified public accountant and credit counselor in this free video on debt management.

Expert: Jerrie Guthrey
Bio: Jerrie Guthrey has been a certified public accountant and credit counselor since 1992.
Filmmaker: Jack Guthrey

Overview of Relative Value Trade Ideas

One of the most interesting types of reports for fixed income traders and investors are relative value (RV) trade ideas. Talk to any trader and you will know that they look forward to trade ideas. The most common form of trade ideas is switch trades.

Importance of Understanding Rating Criteria

One of the most important things that investors consider when investing in fixed income securities is the credit rating of the instruments. Credit rating is an indicator of the creditworthiness of a security. There are three rating agencies that are recognized globally – S&P, Moody’s and Fitch.

Does Wall Street’s Demand for Corporate Profits Negate A Corporations Value to Society?

Some would say that corporations and their quest for ever increasing shareholder’s equity and quarterly profits wreaks of greed, corruption, and everything that is wrong in our society and civilization. Okay so, I am not here to defend any big corporation, they can very well take care of themselves, still, let look a little deeper here before we point too many fingers shall we?

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