Debt Management Tips : How to Consolidate Credit Card Debt

Ways to consolidate credit card debt include using balance transfers and contacting a credit union or bank for loans. Condense credit card debt, but read any disclosures regarding balance transfers, with advice from a certified public accountant and credit counselor in this free video on debt management.

Expert: Jerrie Guthrey
Bio: Jerrie Guthrey has been a certified public accountant and credit counselor since 1992.
Filmmaker: Jack Guthrey

Basics of Interest Rate Swaps

Interest rate swap (IRS) has been an essential tool for fixed income investors, corporate treasurers, risk managers, and banks. The IRS market started decades ago as a way for corporations to manage interest cost on their debt obligations. It has now become one of the most useful and liquid derivatives markets in the world.

Binary Options Trading Courses

Stay abreast of the financial, commodities and stock markets as well as current affairs to help maintain your investment when trading in options. Use a reliable broker who will provide you with the best tools for binary trading. You will lose less if you learn to employ a good technical analysis of the trade, understand the market and comprehend the platform you are using.

Twenty First Century Economics

This article deals with how we should look at the economy of the 21st century. It deals with changes in our approach and how we deal with things.

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