Controlling wages the reply to balancing budgets

How absurd of the Cowichan Valley Regional District board contemplating a 12.19 per cent property tax enhance. Time to try the payroll prices of the CVRD.

In 2017, whole payroll prices for the CVRD had been $17,343,181 and in 2021, whole payroll prices had been $19,284,575. That is a rise of $1,941,394 or 11.2 per cent.

In 2017, $6,985,421 or 40.2 per cent was the overall quantity paid out to staff incomes in extra of $75,000 per 12 months. In 2021, $9,848,054 or 51.1 per cent was the overall quantity paid out to staff incomes in extra of $75,000 per 12 months.

In 2017, the Chief Administrative Officer was paid a yearly wage of $197,045 per 12 months. In 2021, the Chief Administrative Officer was paid a yearly wage of $232,301 per 12 months.

That could be a enhance of $35,256 or 17.9 per cent. That is whole nonsense. Workers incomes these form of wages ought to have their yearly earnings frozen till they retire.

The premier of B.C. is paid a yearly wage of $218,586. That is $13,715 decrease than the yearly wage of the CAO of the CVRD.

Complete nonsense of behalf the CVRD board spending taxpayer {dollars} foolishly.

The time will come when the senior authorities in Victoria should be in command of approving all B.C. municipal

authorities wages.

In 2017, the CVRD paid out $286,696 to the B.C. Medical Companies Plan. These quantities had been added on to worker gross wages on their paycheques as a taxable profit as per the regulation in Canada.

In 2019, the NDP authorities eradicated B.C. Medical Companies Plan month-to-month fees and introduced within the Employer Well being Care tax which is 1.95 per cent of the yearly whole payroll prices. This tax was created to offset the income misplaced from B.C. Medical fees.

In 2021, the quantity paid out for this tax was $477,194. That is $190,608 or a rise of 66.5 per cent, greater than the outdated B.C. medical fees.

The NDP authorities created a complete money seize. What ought to have been performed was to go away the B.C. Medical Service fees as is and lowered the B.C. revenue tax charges.

Compared, the Metropolis of Vancouver paid out $4 million in B.C. medical fees and now pay out $9.5 million on this new employer well being care tax. This extra value must be added onto property taxes.

The CVRD board has simply authorised a brand new CUPE contract efficient January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2025.

Within the first 12 months, the rise is 25 cents per hour plus a elevate of three.24 per cent retroactive to Jan. 1, 2022.

Within the second 12 months, the rise can be 4 per cent, within the third 12 months, the rise can be 3.5 per cent, and within the fourth 12 months, the rise can be three per cent.

The current fee of pay for a Utility employee was $26.78 per hour and by 2025 the speed of pay can be $30.94 per hour.

This can be a enhance of $4.16 per hour or 15.5 per cent. This has to stop and in some years the rise have to be zero.

There’s a restrict to each job classification, however the CVRD is simply pyramid constructing these pay charges which the taxpayers must hold paying from the rise on their property taxes.

Director Ian Morrison has said that he’s very disenchanted that the difficulty of giving CVRD administrators pay raises was not talked about within the proposed 2023 price range. How shameful for him to assume that method.

Why? The job is barely half time. Most CVRD administrators have already got a daily 40 hour per week job.

With having full time jobs, the job of a CVRD director is part-time.

The current pay construction for CVRD administrators is enough sufficient for the quantity of labor they do.

There are a complete of 162 municipalities in B.C. All 162 municipalities are uncontrolled of their payroll prices.

Acquiring management on wage prices is just one merchandise, if corrected it will possibly decrease property taxes.

Municipalities don’t attempt to lower down on bills. As an alternative, can not steadiness the price range, so to steadiness the price range, elevate property taxes. Complete nonsense.


Joe Sawchuk,

Duncan, B.C.

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