Safety & Security Tips: Check Fraud (Part 1 of 5)

Banking Safety & Security Tips: F&M Trust’s Security and Compliance Officer, Lorie Heckman, introduces the three main types of fraud and gives a more detailed overview of check fraud and tips for prevention.

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At F&M Trust, we don’t just say that we’ve got a passion for helping our customers, we prove it daily. And as a true part of our community, we recognize that finances are just part of the big picture. More important are the dreams, hopes, and aspirations of our neighbors and friends. When we invest in those dreams, we can build a thriving local economy that benefits us all. So our employees spend over 800 hours annually volunteering at community events and serving on boards and committees with various non-profit organizations.

Since 1906, we’ve been committed to meeting the needs of our customers as an independent community bank. We constantly develop new technologies for easy access, while at the same time offering better safeguards to protect from the new threat of fraud.

But no matter how we continue to evolve, our focus will always be on building an protecting our customers’ wealth and maintaining long-term, loyal relationships.

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